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Shooters with ocular cross dominance or cross-firing have diminished shooting performance because they see the side of the shotgun's barrel instead of the rib, so they cannot align the shotgun with the target correctly.

Test for cross dominance

This is a very simple test you can do in just seconds to discover which of your eyes is dominant.
  1. Hold your arms out straight and raised to eye level. Keep your palms out and your fingers together with only your thumbs extending out. hands held out
  2. Tilt your palms inward placing them one over the other to form a small triangular opening. hands in a triangle
  3. Looking through the triangle, focus on a distant fixed point and pull your arms back toward your face.
You will notice that you have pulled your hands back toward one eye or the other. That is your dominant eye, and if it is on the opposite side of your dominant hand, it is also cross-dominant.


The following experiment will help you understand the concept behind XD Solution:

By using your thumb you have blocked the dominant eye from seeing the barrel but at the same time you can see the object! As a result you can see the target with both of your eyes, keeping your binocular vision during the entire shooting action. XD Solution works on this principle. Instead of raising your thumb, XD Solution will do the job. To keep the thumb up is tiring and produces inconsistent results. XD Solution device is always placed in the same spot, doing the job of the thumb in the previous scenario.

XD Solution mounted on trigger guard        XD Solution on trigger guard with a finger through the guard


XD Solution is a discrete device created to solve the problem of ocular cross-dominance and cross-firing in clay target shooting. It was designed and perfected by an Olympic coach, and trainer of clay shooting athletes for over 35 years.

Cross-firing or eye shifting is the phenomenon that happens when the non-dominant eye takes control of the aiming process while shooting at a moving target. This can be caused by tired eyes, poor eyesight, or weak or neutral eye dominance. The symptoms of cross-firing can be found in many "aiming" errors and cases of flinching.

For cross dominance, you would install XD Solution on the shotgun's trigger guard on the side of the dominant eye, with the purpose of:

shooter mounting a shotgun

For cross-firing, you would install the XD Solution on the side of the non-dominant eye (the one that's opposite to your dominant hand) to prevent it from taking over the aiming process.

XD Solution on shotgun

The device has two main components: a metallic body and a semitransparent blade. The metallic part, as you can see in the photo on the left, supports the blade and attaches to the trigger guard of the shotgun. The blade is the one that performs the main functions of the device.

As you can see in the above photo, the blade of XD Solution is placed almost between the shooter's eyes with the purpose of blocking out the barrel and the bead from the view of the cross-dominant eye. You can see both of the shooter's eyes because the device doesn't act like a blinder. As a result, the shooter has a full view of the clay target with both eyes open.


pirate with eyepatch It is the best because, compared to other products that try to solve ocular cross dominance, with XD Solution the shooter can use full BINOCULAR VISION during the entire shooting action. This is important because it helps him or her correctly assesses the depth, speed, and angle of the moving clay target. It is also the best because it lets shooters mount the gun on the side of the dominant hand, which lets them comfortably and accurately shoot a regular stock shotgun, without needing a crossover stock.

Classic solutions reduce shooters' binocular vision to monocular vision, change visual focus from the target to the shotgun, or require painful drills to line up the shotgun with the cross-dominant eye. XD Solution eliminates all of these imperfections.


XD Solution:


Everybody uses a shoulder-mounted firearm for clay shooting, rifle shooting, or hunting.


XD Solution mounted on trigger guard In over 35 years of coaching experience, the Olympic coach encountered a number of students who were troubled by ocular cross-dominance. He tried to help them with the classic solutions, such as telling them to close the cross-dominant eye, suggesting an eye patch, or switching them to a special stock that let them mount the shotgun on the side of their dominant hand while aligning the rib with their cross dominant eye. However, none of those solutions were ideal.

Finally, he perfected XD Solution based on the "thumb up" solution recommended by coaches.

You might have a similar story about your trials and frustrations while trying to solve cross-dominance. To give your story a happy ending, we hope that you give XD Solution a try and let us know how it has improved your shooting.


"I was skeptical at first, but once I tried it I was thoroughly impressed. I am right-handed and left-eye dominant and I tried the device both on my left and right shoulder to make sure it was not a fluke. We went out with my husband who tried it out himself. We shot all kinds of targets such as crossers, incomers, and outgoers and we both came to a conclusion. The XD Solution works!

I can see this device being useful for shooters with cross-firing and cross-dominance problems. I have students that cannot use a dot on the glasses because they have vertigo or don't like the closed-off feeling that wearing the tape does. Others I found that their dominant eye tries to look around the dot.

I like this product and I will recommend it to my students that have cross dominance/firing problems."

— Casey Atkinson - Instructor at the Cherokee Rose Gun Club

Casey Atkinson is the first lady to attain the USA national ranking of Master class shooter and was also the first lady inducted into the National Sporting Clays Association Hall of Fame in 2005. She had competed in numerous National and International competitions and has been an NSCA All-American.

I have used the XDSolution the past two seasons and it has worked the best for me to prevent my left eye from becoming the dominant eye when moving to the target. In the past I have tried most options - one eye, a spot on glasses lens, covering the upper portion of the glasses lens, sticking on blinder at the end of the barrel, etc. I don't consider myself of All-American talent but during the last two seasons, I have managed to shoot hundreds in singles events and a hundred in a handicap event (from 22 yds.). If you struggle with cross-dominance issues you owe it to yourself to try the XDSolution - it may be the solution that works best for you.

— Dwayne Noren - posted on

"In an indoor dry fire, I first tested the device with the shortest, narrowest, of the occluder blades, and I found I could still just slightly glimpse the front of the barrel with my right eye closed. I went to the next wider blade (but still the shortest height) and Bingo! No more muzzle. Now it was time for an actual round or two of live-fire skeet. And the results? Outstanding! Outdoors and against the sky, the blade's presence is nearly imperceptible and my two fully-opened eyes could now gaze without distraction into the distance past the barrel. High house birds at 2 through 6 were picked up fast and clear in the periphery and shots were all taken with full confidence that my right "gun eye" was establishing and holding a proper lead. Sure, I had a couple of misses, but they were solely due to forgetting what my proper leads should be on 3 through 6. I'm new to the game and still keep messing up on the expanding leads at the middle stations. But here's the deal: Prior to the XD, I was hitting about 14 of 25. Today, with the XD, I shot a 20 and a 21. But more importantly, with the XD and the confident binocular vision it's giving me, I know exactly why I'm hitting, and exactly why I'm missing. I consider that a major breakthrough."

— Gary S. Kaplan - NRA-Certified Pistol Instructor
"I tested the XDS for the first time today.....First some background.......I normally shoot with tape on my left lens. About 1 1/2\" along the top of the lens.
Today, I had very good results using the XDS for the first time. I had to play around with the position of the bracket and the size of the blinder but I shot better scores and had consistently better breaks than I've been getting recently. This could be a game changer for me as it was nice not to have tape on my lens while at the range. Most importantly, I enjoyed the time in between shots when I didn't have to look through the tape while waiting for my squad mates to shoot. My eyes felt more relaxed and natural during the entire 12-14 minutes of the round."
— GoDawgs - posted on
"I have always shot either one-eyed or with some form of vision-blocking device for my off eye. I have tried magic dots, scotch tape, an optical occluder, and a black lens. Now after trying the XD Solution I have to say it is the very best and most comfortable device for solving the problem of cross-firing I have ever tried. Everything seems so much brighter than with tape or anything else on the lens of my glasses.

I feel that anyone that has a problem with cross-firing should consider trying the XD Solution."
— Bud Edwards
"I bought one of your first units, put it on, and broke a 98. Haven't started shooting yet this year. Your system works better than tape on my glasses. I can use both eyes again, after a number of years with a cross-firing problem your system just might be the answer. Thanks for a new product that is for sale at a reasonable price."
— Jerry
"Last Sunday I had a change of pace. I am primarily a trap shooter. We had a fundraising hunters' clays shoot at our club. I decided to participate in spite of the cold weather. The winds were calm so that was a plus. I had just rigged up my Beretta 391 with a bottom mount XD Solution. I shot the course primarily with a mounted gun. I was surprised at how well I was able to see with my peripheral vision while using the unit. I messed up by lifting my head a couple of times but still managed a 93/100 which was the top score of the 44 participants. I was pleased. Not bad for a trap shooter."
— Bert Blackburn
"I have shot trap 38 years 200,000 targets plus great vision till my 50s. Right-handed, AA 27 but cross-firing has kicked my ass forever. 75 straight looking good go to post 1 hold my breath good post 2 oops damn. or oops post 1 got me again. Hell u will miss a nice fat strait-away just wondering damn can I get 5 left angles in a row. Minn state shoot missed 7 targets 6 left angles posts one and two one damn so from post one anticipating a left. You never know when my left eye will lock on and when my barrel hits the target, I pull the trigger. Well, I don't know how far the shot column goes awry but it does for sure. Well, I have tried hypnosis osmosis thrombosis scoliosis, and purposely crossing my eyes as my gun approaches the bird. It only works for doubles! Dots, tape, fiber optics, blade, peep sights you name it I tried it. No luck! Saw this thread last week, ordered XD Solutions, got it Thursday, broke 25 strait practice 27 yards 25 straight from post one, 16 yds, and 18 were hard left angles. Bazinga!!!! My subconscious mind can kiss my ass. Went to Bob Redfields Memorial shoot and broke the only 100 straight shots in 16 yd which I was proud of 'till George Papas broke 100 in doubles at 10 to 15 mph quartering tailwind proctor gc is not an easy place to shoot ok! Well, I guess I like it and will recommend you try it."
— George Jacobson
"We have used the XD solution device, and while still too early to tell for sure, it does help.
A little background on our situation. We purchase this to help with my wife's shooting. She is naturally right-handed but learned to shoot left-handed because she is left-eye dominant. Her eye dominance is weak and sometimes her right eye will take over. So she is shooting left-handed, with left-eye dominance and we use the device to "block" her right eye. After about 4 rounds of trap, she didn't lose a bird because of her right eye trying to take over. It does seem to work as advertised."
— Jim Boone


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XD Universal Plus
Number of Shotgun Types Supported


Shotgun Types

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Fits any gauge, rib height, trigger/double trigger, over/under, side/side, pump action/semi-automatic.

The XD Universal can be fastened on any trigger guard, so it is excellent for any type of shotgun.

Blade holder

1 detachable

Image sowing rotating rod of XD Solution

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The holder pivots to stay upright no matter where the XD is fastened along the trigger guard. It is also easy to remove for when the shotgun is stored away.

Blade Sets


Each set has blades of different widths but the same height. Blade height can also be adjusted by raising/lowering the XD Universal along the trigger guard.


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